Sentiero II - Ceneri

by Deadly Carnage

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"Sentiero II - Ceneri" is our second abum released in 2011


released August 14, 2011



all rights reserved


Deadly Carnage Rimini, Italy

Deadly Carnage was born in 2005 as a Black Metal Band
In 2007 Deadly Carnage began a slow shift away from the Black Metal scene in favor of Doom, Post-Rock and Metal Post influences. This evolutionary period is crowned with the release of "Manthe" in 2014, the intention of the band is to continue to experiment, evolve and explore new territories without posing musical limits, without barriers. ... more

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Track Name: Guilt of Discipline
Wait here in this hell
With the dark standards of despair
Storms of legal hatred
Turn the dead utopia to the master

And acid blood spilled in lie’s bed
As gods they were fed
Army of thoughts grow higher and higher
Satisfying every thirsty desire
Higher! Higher!

Guilt of discipline

And acid blood straight ahead, life acid
As scum they were dying in bed
Army of thoughts grow higher and higher

Now, what you become…what I have done
In the purest form of…
Ghost tale of moral crime
As the peaceful wars of the time

This is my guilt of discipline
Dead by indiscipline

Now, what you become…what I have done
In the purest form of…
Hatred! Discipline!

Before me…
Track Name: Parallels
Hands wide open

As I look myself, my hair lost the dark
My legs used to deceive my intent
But that night the windows opened with a whisper
And I fell beyond the doors of mine
...I heard them open and release me

I don't know where my feet lead me to
I hope I'll receive the existence's due
What I could hope for
Days or moments
I reached the sunny hills
The ground is brown and wet
And I love her
Touch the ground, it's wet
I reached the sunny hills

Now the hills are far
And I can see my breath become oil
Grey flow and new language
Stay with us and enjoy
Me and them, now and then
A house, I ask my self to go in
By the ones who came before, the reason will be revealed
As it opens, the stench of a tomb

For the spirit of old plains
Destroy the coal of men
Let the grey flow turn to savage love
In my time of dying
Fragments of the ones who came before
In the highest tops
Destroy the coal of men
Le the grey flow return to savage love
Track Name: Epitaph Part I
Nothing you're saving
Deserves to be saved
Blood and wars
...Your bloody legacy
Nothing you're earning is useful to your young
Your souls has no doors, no entrance and no hope

Crawl to your wall, and start to hope in Lord
“He could be saved, as you blind you world”
For many and many died years ago
Now welcome and unseen,
You can live only in memories

Memories will be my epitaph... Memories!

Their children's children will be ashamed
No matter as they didn't throw the knife
I need to tell the young and the past
That the only real terror's still alive
'Cause I know this is the terror, nothing's able to compare
I'm welcome and unseen, everywhere

What I pretend from you
Is to join me in my crystal palace
Or dig you grave, charge their funeral stone

Dig you grave, charge their plutonium stone
Track Name: Epitaph Part II
Can you reveal me where my home lies?
Is it far, or just beyond this wall?
As you can see, nothing remains to be
What you must do is to jump the ruins of the country

A white fortress is standing there
Windows always light and silent
Sometimes a shadow passes the light by
It seems you can recognise

Now ruins of what ancient

The children spend the day searching for their old tales
Stored by the streets of once a city, once a city

Reveal me...
As thee, old man, drowning souls in the sea…
Track Name: Growth and New Gods
...Feast of the cruel hearts, it stains the sands...

It pierces my heart
Infests and expands by its disease
Now the sky is burning
Blood rains in two ways

Murderers went to play
Dictators who divide the ground
Water poisoned and boiling
Its feast of demons...sucking oxygen
Feast of the cruel hearts
Hurt and gaze

The carcass
Of the mother
stains the sands

For the damned fetus
Growth and new gods

Tyranny under societies of men
Growth and new gods

With my heart of fire
Growth and new gods

Hills with fire
Growth and new gods

Damned fetus
Growth and new gods
Track Name: Ceneri
Più non hai battito
Ritornerà tra le dita solo ceneri
E’ svanita la tua terra, il cielo non t’accoglie
Mai più, solo ceneri, solo ceneri

I sussurri delle ombre
Nell’eterno vortice del nulla
Lontano dall’ultima alba
Rimane solo vanità d’ogni cosa
Nessuna fede, nessun’ Dio
Tra i sussurri delle ombre
Nessuna fede nessun Dio

Elevato in un superiore cosmo
Estirpata la fede umana
In cima d’una vetta
Rimarranno solo ombre

Mai più, solo ceneri, solo ceneri